In this section, you will find the various policies under which our events and organization operate. As a registered not-for-profit we must follow very specific rules as set forth in the BC Societies Act. These documents may be updated or reviewed from time to time.

BCAEA Certificate of Incorporation – Certificate of Incorporation certifying the BCAEA as a registered non-profit under the BC Societies act.

BCAEA Bylaws – These are the rules by which the society operates in addition to those set forth in the BC Societies Act. This document details the process for nominations, elections, roles, and generally how the society behaves. (last update: Oct, 14, 2016)

BCAEA Constitution – Document indicating the name and purposes of the BCAEA (last updated – 2018)

BCAEA Acceptable Use Policy – All attendees of our events must agree to this policy before being permitted to attend one of our events. People found to be in violation of this agreement will be removed or denied entry. (last update – January 18, 2020 (under review) )

BCAEA Staff Harassment Policy – Policy detailing what is and is not appropriate treatment of BCAEA staff (including convention volunteers). (last updated – July 14, 2020)

BCAEA Attire Guidelines – Guidelines which details what is and is not appropriate attire at BCAEA events and at what times. (last updated – February 12, 2020)