If you have an issue, complaint, or question regarding one of our events or something you’d like the BCAEA to look into or address, please contact us by one of the following methods:

Write us via snail mail at:
PO box #1700
3555 E 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC
V5M 4J9

Email the board directly at board@bcanthroevents.org
contact our community rep directly via email or telegram:
2020 Community Rep: Ace Coyote
Email: Communityrep@bcanthroevents.org
Telegram: @timinacious

In Person
The BCAEA holds an annual in-person AGM, normally occuring during Vancoufur, where financials are presented. Nomination & Election of the community rep also occur at the AGM. Topics for the AGM agenda may be submitted by any member. Anyone is welcome to attend.

The BCAEA is also on twitter.

You may also contact us through the website using the form below.

We take confidentiality serious and we do not share information we feel could be used to identify the complainant! 

Please let us know what to call you.
If you wish a response please provide us with an email where we can reach you.