The BC Anthropomorphic Events Association, a registered not-for-profit founded in 2015 in the province of British Columbia and incorporated under the Societies Act of BC.

Our mission is the facilitation and furthering of the anthropomorphic fandom and related events in British Columbia, Canada.

The BCAEA is responsible for establishing the rules, direction and financial allocation for our events, as well as appointment of the Chairs of our conventions each year. Elected board members are legal representatives of the non-profit corporation legally responsible for events under the BCAEA umbrella. The society also helps to ensure that events under the BCAEA umbrella are compliant with any relevant local regulations and legal obligations in their operation, as well as provides guidance and accountability at the top level for event runners.

The BCAEA is the parent organization for Vancoufur, Western Canada’s largest furry convention, which typically runs in early March in the Greater Vancouver area, as well as the Vanhoover Pony Expo which usually occurs in January.

The BCAEA is a member of the FCLR and works with other furry conventions in North America to craft policies and practices that enhance the safety and inclusion of our events. We also support numerous community charities through our conventions.

The board may be reached in several ways, including email, snail mail, telegram or via form on our contact page.. If you have an issue you would like the board to address, please see this page.